A Company With a Proud History And Great Future

iKasa is a family-owned company that was founded in April 1970 as a real estate developer and constructor, specialising in urban development in the northwest area of Madrid. Throughout these years, we have come to diversify our business areas to adapt to the evolving market and be able to meet the existing demands.

With the generational handover of the business in 2007, the company’s vision was adapted to the current market conditions. The executive team established customer satisfaction as a major target, by creating better products through new designs, energy efficiency and quality.

For iKasa the future is the present and our main objective is to position the company as an example of transparency, solvency and good practice in the different business areas in which we operate: real estate development, construction, commercial operation of rental and tourist developments, management of third party assets and IT development.

The team that forms iKasa

Our workforce is one of iKasa’s most valuable assets, formed by more than 100 professionals. It is their hard work that makes it possible for iKasa to carry on progressing and overcoming its day-to-day challenges on the current market and its demands, making us a benchmark in the national market.



  1. We strive for excellence in all our processes, products and services.

    At iKasa, we have an unwavering commitment to the utmost quality in all our products and services. The integral and multidisciplinary design of our processes ensures that quality is iKasa’s hallmark.

  2. Solvent. Almost 50 years is a sign ofresilience.

    The recognised financial solvency of iKasa constitutes the backbone of the company. We have worked in the real estate industry for almost 50 years, which more than proves the company’s solvency, reliability and credibility of the company.

  3. Transparent
    and customer orientated.

    Transparency and personalised solutions define our way of understanding the relationships we have with our clients. At iKasa, we focus all our efforts on responding to the needs and concerns of the buyers and renters of homes, as well as the users of our tourism services.

  4. Sustainability
    multiplied by three.

    Environmental, developing processes and activities with nil or very low impact on the natural environment. Economy, to ensure we are more efficient in terms of energy waste and the emission of CO2. Social, cooperating with educational programmes.

  5. Corporate Social Responsibility.

    iKasa, with Corporate Social Responsibility actions, collaborates periodically and disinterestedly with different non-profit organizations. Proof of this are our joint actions with Vegan(Animal Sanctuary), collaborative actions with iKasa BM Madrid (Handball Club) and our commitment to the environment with the signing of an agreement with CREAS Pozuelo Institute.



Learn about the different business lines of iKasa,
with real estate development and lease of buildings constituting its core business


iKasa has developed more than 40 new works developments in the northwest of Madrid (Pozuelo, Majadahonda and Las Rozas). We continue to develop new free market homes financed thanks to the final ownership of built-up lands in the best areas of Madrid and Estepona (Malaga), which guarantees the company’s continuity.


At iKasa we manage the lease of our homes: contracting, maintenance and supervision of services and utilities.

We currently have more than 35,000 m2 under leasing contracts in the Community of Madrid. We have homes, offices, commercial premises, parking places and storage space.

We provide a high-quality and varied offer to our clients, thanks to our installations and common areas.


The equity area of iKasa, also includes several assets that are part of the tourist line.

These buildings, rehabilitated and conditioned by the company, are exploited through the hotel activity that important agents of the sector carry out on it.


iKasa has its own construction firm with which it can attain the highest possible quality levels and finishes for turnkey contracts for the construction of residential complexes, offices and shops and building refurbishments.

This division is in charge of the technical and financial supervision during the onsite execution work. It provides technical assistance and maintenance for the different business lines:

  • Global technical assessment in all the stages of the development projects.
  • Following the process for requesting all the required licenses for proper development of the business.
  • Integral maintenance of iKasa’s buildings.
  • After-sales service for the delivered product.
  • Civil works, as development of the town planning.
  • Decoration service.

IK Interiorismo

iKasa creates its own interior design area for the purpose of offering an all-round service. As a result of this idea, a young team of professionals has been created to propose solutions tailored to client’s requests, seeking to generate surprise and feeling in the atmosphere.

At iK interior design we approach every project from an understanding of people’s needs. Following a rigorous study tailored to requirements, space and budgets, we proceed with sketching and creative artworks. The idea is to make what was a dream a reality.

We handle any aspect of interior design: work supervision for refurbishments, blueprints, visual and graphic project presentations, decoration, landscaping, lighting and any details associated to the finishing of a space.


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iK Interiorismo

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