iKasa launches its new website

19 April, 2016
  • iKasa reaches its digital marketing transformation with its new website
  • The company continues adapting to new 4.0 technologies
  • Its website becomes the centerpiece of its digital marketing strategy

iKasa launches its new website as the culmination of its transformation process of adaptation to new 4.0 technologies and communications. The company started this process incorporating its marketing department in 2014, improving its online presence in all corporate and promotional channels: real estate portals, social networks, blog, e – mail marketing and search engine optimization.

The project started last 2015 with the main objective of having a powerful website that would meet the market needs with the company prospects, since it would become the backbone of its digital marketing strategy. After celebrating an internal competition with several specialized agencies, the company BIKO was chosen for its innovative approach and its experience in such projects. After an initial consultancy, and in cooperation with all departments, the process of organization, production and execution began, led by both companies.

Accessibility, navigability and usability are the three variants that have led iKasa’s web design. Thanks to this new tool iKasa offers its customers and users all the information related to its wide range of products. In addition, iKasa has achieved the homogenization of its image on the Internet.

iKasa will bet on new technologies and on the real estate adaptation to the digital environment. Nowadays, as its Marketing Director, Victor Portela, said “digital transformation is not a technological change, but cultural, that involves growth and adopt a positive attitude towards it. This is the only way we will provide our customers the immediacy and bidirectional communication. ”